Also, there's Somalia, Somaliland, and Puntland on the map these days. There's not a "Somalia" like before the civil war. Puntland has begun oil exploration and Somaliland and Somalia would like to be no worse than that, and try to get interest going. Nothing quicker than inviting previous companies to enter the countries again. Puntland had the right to divest of mineral holdings as part of their breakaway, which they did to Range Resources, and they did contact ConocoPhillips, from what I understand, so I doubt there's really any possibility for Conoco to come to Puntland arguing "this Horn-company plowed millions of dollars into this land in Puntland, that we held before the civil war, and we were offered to pick up again after Puntland became a semi-autonomous state and received the right to divest of mineral rights, and we did not pick it up back then but we'd like it back now that exploration is done and oil is found" or whatever. I suppose also it's easier said than done finding a favorable court over there when in ConocoPhillips shoes.