It just might be a long wait, Im wondering if the extra 5m shares may have been for AOI to take some more HRN stock, we shall see.

Happy to accumulate at these levels.

Skier 10%???? I dont think so, me and my business partner own just shy of 1%, we are nowhere near that level.

However, we have enough to get some serious cash if we can hit just one payzone with HRN, just one.

Its a way off from now, but i watched AOI @ 86c and did nothing there when there was no volume or interest, Im still sick i didnt, i started loading at $2 so its pretty good anyway.

There is no volume or interest here, but we have Puntland and we have interest plus we are the new project vehicle of the Lundin Group.

Im not missing this one, even if it takes a while.