As crazy as this sounds I felt sick when this went from 25-44c just now, I wont make the same mistake again here, I didnt have enough, next time I will.

I expect this to drift a little more, why wouldnt it?

I hold 250,000 @ 26c average, I will be taking that up higher now.

Reasons:  I looked and looked at Africa Oil when it was $1.20 or thereabouts, I toyed with the idea of buying 100,000 and I didnt, why??? I just dont know, i have a nice holding of AOI at a $3 average and have sliced some out to buy more of these.

My reason is the leverage I will get when the Group decide to do the deal thats right in Puntland plus find some more projects to use HRN with.

It will happen, KH said it to my face in a room of 20 people and went into great detail, Sophia confirmed it by e mail and now its in print, unless you think the Lundin Group are a pack of bare faced liars (which i dont) then at some point this Company will perform and if the formbook is anything to go by buying this now and if it drifts a little more is an absolute opportunity that I am currently taking full advantage of.

Its all in the Lundin Brochure, these people are experts and always deliver the goods.


The funding will be in-house, it isnt a problem at all.