Farole. (and others...)


I also like tha fact that the rumours regarding the using of HRN as an investment vehicle turned out to be true. We now have experienced mgmt, tech, nice assets and ambition to spread risk. Also we will hopefully have some kind of major partner by 2013. 

Cash is the concern. Or should I say dilution... I'm guessing HRN would have to give away quite a large chunk of their licenses to get some kind of free carry and perhaps also some cash. Thoughts on what HRN could end up with? I would say a major would want at least 50%. 

Is there a possibility HRN could set up some kind of debt facility? Or perhaps even get a small cash injection? I know the latter is wishful thinking but I'd like to know how much the Lundins actually do care about the amount of shares outstanding. Statements like "Lukas never lets a company go" and others I can't seem remeber right now but where of the same character leads me to think that they won't just make a huge  dillution through a silly PP at these levels.

Any thoughts are welcome.