I’m confused on what this bullboard is finding positive in this news release.

Since August they have

  • cleaned up the drill sites

What they have not done

  • made progress on a jv
  • got an agreement with the Puntland Government
  • started the seismic and may not for 6 months “expected to commence in the first half of 2013”

I do not believe they would send this news release out if they had progress to report just around the corner. Since the stock recently spiked on no news I believe it will be drifting down over the next while back to $.25 again before we see a big jump on real progress.

I bought Horn at both high and low prices and contemplating on dropping some of my position until it drifts down. What makes me nervous is that I often get it wrong when I take a few profits in a stock that I want to stay long in.

Any thoughts on what I am getting wrong here.