What do they mean by purchased Afri Can`s financing, 
Afri-Can Marine Minerals Corporation ("Afri-Can") today announced that it has appointed Mr. 
Richard M. Tait to the Board of the Corporation. Furthermore, Afri-Can’s Board has accepted 
the resignation of Mr. Howard Messias who has been a Director of Afri-Can for 9 years and Mr. 
Michael Nicolai who has been a Director for 17 years. 
Mr. Tait has over 16 years of experience in the finance and mining industries. He is Managing 
Director of Afrasia Corporate Finance in Johannesburg, South Africa. He previously held 
positions as Managing Director, GEM Management; Director, Investment Banking at Standard 
Bank and Vice-President with Credit Suisse First Boston. He holds a B.Sc. in Chemical 
Engineering from the University of Cape Town, a B. Comm. from the University of South Africa 
and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. Mr. Tait is a nominee of 
Trinity Asset Management International Ltd, which purchased Afri-Can’s financing completed in 
August 2012. The nomination of Mr. Tait is conditional upon the approval of the TSX Venture