I understand your concerns. However, it is important to understand that these results are only the first part of a one month program. We have completed 2 weeks and the second part of 2 weeks will be completed as soon as the vessel will be available. It is also important to keep in mind that this short program is a small part of an overall program that has started 2 years ago and that has seen the extraction of 132 diamonds since the beginning. The results are good, not exciting but good. They enable to understand better the geology of the areas (Crater and WestBank) that are the main targets for an eventual trial mining. The results are also significant in the West bank areas where we have found diamonds over a distance of 5 km, which shows  a highly mineralized area.
Our plan is to complete the second 2 weeks phase of the sampling program as soon as the vessel will be available and then as we have already found many diamonds and that the data base is quite good, start planning trial mining on some specific areas.
As far as we are concerned the plan remains the same and we remain confident to be successful with this project.
Concerning Haib, ince last March, the market for exploration companies have seriously gone down and have worsen from September to December. The statistics of TSX Venture Exchange (where 60% of the world exploration companies are listed) show that at the end of November 75% of the companies were trading below $ 0.20, 50% below $ 0.10 and 35% below
.05. This is the worst market for exploration since 1997. 
The state of the market makes that we have been forced by the brokerage firms to postpone the spin off of the copper project until the markets will enable to proceed successfully. We are confident that we will be able to proceed in the first semester of 2013. The project is still alive and still has a value that worth double than our current market capitalisation, so, yes it will happen but at the right time to be successful.
We have already completed all the technical reports requested by the Exchange and will start some work soon on the second property that comes with Haib for the listing. Teck has also completed some more drilling and we are awaiting the results during the course of the month. Some news and up dates on the project will be issued in February.
Kind regards
Pierre Leveille
President & CEO
Afri-Can Marine Minerals Corp.
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Montreal, Qc. Canada
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