Exactly,  and hopefully now you get it as you can not count on any projections GREER has made.  And that is why I will not use any number this company presents until I acutal see production.  My point is made and supported in the SP as the market is pricing in current flow rate and not even year end flow rates when additional pumps are to be running on Causeway.  This a classic example of wait and see as no one believes anything this managment projects.  Their numbers have missed everytime and don't get me started on missed timelines. 

You on the otherhand have presented misleading information and covering it up by throwng different numbers like 10,000 and than later 12,000 to add confusion to determine FYNE annual expected returns.  In fact "the company" stated 9,000 barrels per day annualized when FYNE come on stream and yet you tend to ignore that value.