Cormorant Alpha leak contained
Posted 17.01.2013 16:14:24 av John Bradbury
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Production was resuming in the key Brent oil pipeline network in the North Sea after a precautionary platform shutdown after a leak alert.

Brent pipeline operator Taqa Bratani said it was beginning to resume production of around 80,000 b/d of oil after a hydrocarbon leak was detected in one of the legs of the Cormorant Alpha concrete gravity base platform in the UK Northern North Sea.

Taqa said it has determined it was safe to restart production over the Cormorant Alpha platform which connects into the Brent pipeline after the leak was identified in a related pipeline.

“Investigations have found there is no connection between the Brent pipeline system and the pipeline involved in the release. The process of restarting Brent throughput follows a thorough technical evaluation that shows it is safe to do so without any increased risk to Cormorant Alpha,” Taqa announced.

None of the released hydrocarbons escaped into the environment, Taqa said, adding in a statement today: “Hydrocarbon levels in the leg have been continually monitored since the release was discovered. Measurements within the leg show that the volume released is small. Work is under way to mitigate the release of hydrocarbons, and preparations are being made to stop it and effect repairs.”