Removing the 6.25 % WI being waived to pay for development costs is not all that major and its at gross rather than net.

Antrim is still receiving about 1325 bpd which will provide over $35 million in net operating funds over the next year.

Thats hardly a drop in the bucket.

That will more than double when Causeway hits 10,000 to 14,000 bpd by March/April  of 2013 when the new injector well kicks in.

Those funds can be used to pay the development costs of Fionn ( about $8 million ) which will add another 900 bpd by mid-2013.

At that point, Antrim should be producing about 4000 bpd.

Conservation of cash is important now, as they are actively seeking a JV partner for Fyne.