read my post again, you seem to understand not much. in addition, have you read the NR, or was the only thing you saw a duster with your blind eyes? 

Giremir-1 satisfies the drilling commitment on the Sinan Licence pursuant to the Company's Joint Venture agreement with Calik and as required by the General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs ("GDPA"), Turkey's energy regulatory body. While no hydrocarbon shows were encountered during drilling or logging, Giremir-1 satisfies the work commitment of the Sinan Licence and also satisfies the district drilling obligation which includes the Bismil Licences. Satisfying the drilling commitment and retaining the acreage was a key management priority given the value believed to be held in the Sinan and Bismil Licences, which encompass 17,833 (8,917 net) and 245,699 gross (122,850 net) acres, respectively.

all the attention on fracking, sell if you want, but stop posting here, read my history and you will see i am no pumper at all.