What did you guys think? I was quite sure that this well wouldn't hit, and if you look at the NR, you see that AEE wasn't confident hitting on this well as well. They drilled because of their JV and their focus lies CLEARLY on the fracking this year, which will be the most exciting story anyway.. I was surprised that this stock goes up on heavy volume up to 9 cents and took some gains, feeling sorry about all those people buying in at 6 to 9 cents,  but i took my position months ago at 3 cents and will be adding more if some want to sell it to me at these levels. She will come back, that's for sure!

Folks, nothing has changed for AEE, they still have enough money in the bank ( NO financing in 2013), and they will frack in 2013 (September, who knows, maybe much earlier, ahead of schedule, like the drilling). To all bashers here, nice way trying to get some cheapies, but stop talking about untrue facts.

GLTA longs, Mo