The increased exposure on AEE is coming at an interesting time. The Financial Press released something on AEE on May 16, 2012 in addition to the article a couple of days ago.


A few weeks later AEE released their 51-101 with 11.6 billion barrels of oil, 412M recoverable barrels. This was impressive enough to the market to shoot it up into the 20's on heavy volume for that time before the TSX bear market and lack of news in the fall let it seep down to under 5 cents.


It looks like the same thing is happening again. Increased exposure before some wicked good news. The timing is almost the same. The Financial Press releases a May 16th PR followed by a June 11 NR from the company. Now it releases another Jan 30, and most people expect the latest results to be released Mid-to-late February. I'm sure when they released the PR on January 30th that there's enough prelminary results to know that things are going really well, just like the May release. Whoever paid for that release (look at the disclaimer at the bottom) whether that's the company or Keith Schaeffer or some other entity with inside knowledge obviously did not spend the money for increased exposure because they think the February news will stink.