If you have seen a couple of my older posts you will realise I am no fan of MR SPEC. Suspiciously his other pal who use to post a lot on here is conveniently absent from this board over the last couple of days. Note also when those two duo team up there's an awful lot of "promotional activity" we shall call it in various forms on Stockhouse. Anyone with a good memory will recall it with ELI, ROZ and PFC over the last couple of months. I suppose I can't complain that much because I have made money on two of the three including a ton on PFC thanks to the "Three Stooges" bringing it to my attention so I will give them credit they have been giving us Stockhouse folk some good picks lately.




BennyFarms poses as a dead ringer to Easy2Mine - exact same posting style and half of his posts are promoting other stocks accompanied by charts showing how a stock fell off a cliff and bounced back a little bit.


That being said it sure is easy to follow around a guy and insult all his picks for the last couple of years when just about every small to mid cap TSX stock has tanked from whatever high it has achieved. Even a great one like AOI had a huge pullback. So Godfather how about trying to stalk the guy in a bull market for the Venture stocks? If he makes junk picks then it should be really justified to waste your time doing such a thing.