Adriana Resources trades like the laughing stock of the junior iron ore companies in the Labrador trough.

By extension so is WISCO because they partnered with Adriana to bring a world class iron project into production.

Below is an excerpt from the press:

“WISCO is expected to receive a total of 6 million tonnes iron ore from its overseas mining equity within this year. WISCO aims to achieve self sufficiency of iron ore within five years, said Deng Qiling, general manager of WISCO.”

“According to Deng, these overseas equities will be able to turn out 90 million tonnes iron ores annually when fully operated, meeting more than 85 percent of the company's demand. Taking into account of its already owned resource, WISCO will be self-sufficient on iron ore supply by then.”

If WISCO wants credibility on the global iron ore stage then it’s time to fish or cut bait.