RE:"You don't need a COO to finish the DFS do you?



RE" Not even sure Great Harvest is still going to be interested after all this time of nothing happening."

Being a recent visitor/poster can you elaborate on this (Great Harvest) option? With the downturn in commodities many potential investors have adopted a wait and see stance.


RE"I guess we will see if they get the updated water plan completed by the end of March."

From the update sounds like they were seriously working towards the provincial target date of March 31.


RE:"There was also some mention of possibly using a rights plan to raise some of the funds."

Would the long suffering shareholders be inclined to ante up more money unless they could see some tangible upside coming in the not to distant future?


RE"I suppose that could be appealing if we actually saw something happening here, a news release at this juncture sure would be helpful."

Agreed that a news release would be helpful wrt meeting the March 31 delivery date. e.g. Who is working on it and if an extension has been applied for. Having worked for a company that submitted applications (re C of A's) to the NB-MOE, extensions are granted if the MOE can see tangible progress towards meeting deadlines.