Eric: found the following "on the net" so we may have to go to the company for an update.

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PERMITTING: Adex gets okay for activities at Mount Pleasant


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NEW BRUNSWICK – Adex Mining of Toronto has received updated approval to operate on a care-and-maintenane basis at the former Mount Pleasant mine that contains tungsten, molybdenum, tin, indium and zinc mineralization. The permit from the New Brunswick Department of Environment & Local Government allows Adex to treat wastewater from the flooded underground, conduct exploration activities, operate metallurgical bench or pilot scale milling tests, and related activities.

The permit does not allow dewatering or operation of the underground mine or a concentrator on the surface.

The terms of the approval require Adex to continue to perform maintenance and monitoring of the site, emergency reporting and response measures, monitoring for detection of unapproved contaminant releases, surface water monitoring, environmental effects monitoring and monthly reporting on the forgoing. The company must also submit by March 31, 2013, a mine water management plan, a tailings flood plan and contingency plan, and an updated sludge cell project proposal as well as a timeline to complete. Provincial approval also sets out the parameters for the operation of a yet-to-be-built mine water treatment facility as well as parameters for the operation of the existing tailings management area.

The Mount Pleasant mine is located 80 km south of Fredericton and 65 km from the U.S. border. Please visit to read about the history of the property