On the latest (hard) copy of the APEGNB Engenuity, on pg 12 a UNB PHD candidate submitted a Field Trip Report. The field trip was organized by the Petroleum Development and Geological Surveys branches of the New Brunswick Department of Energy and Mines as part of the of the 2012 Energy Mines & Petroleum conference. More than 40 people, including graduate and UG students, prospectors, scientists and reasearchers participated . 


The writer thanked Les Fyffe, director of the NB Geological Surveys Branch; Dr. Kay Thorne, P. Geo, a New Brunswick mineral deposits geologist and the "wonderful staff at the Mount Pleasant mine for their warm reception".  The writer also thanked Dr, David Lentz, P.Geo a professor in UNB's Department of Earth Sciences, for leading the tour and sharing his insights"


Not sure when the On-Line version of the magazine will be posted; but thought that with the recent AD for a President & COO plus "80+" technical eyeballs, maybe, just maybe there could be minute precursor steps for a rebirth.