I'd be inerested in knowing who "my sources" are, but  I don't think finding a market has ever been the issue.  The market price indicates that these metals have lots of demand and that for some - ie Tin & Indium, there are supply issues which may increase the price.

It has been pointed out that the new president is not new to the company, he has been the chairman, and is the co-owner with his wife (Interim President of ADEX on LOA) of Great Harvest.  Far from having access to the capital required for developing the mine as currently planned, I have said before that question if GH are slowing the process because they cannot come up with the capital commitment they made when they first bought into ADEX. ie - do they have $50 million ( previous management had brought them in because this was the estimated cost of deveoling the NZ first - then using the cash flow to develope the FTZ) - never mind the $150 million required to develop the  FTZ first.  It seems as though GH may be stalling / delaying because a DFS would force them to come up with cash that they don't seem to have.  The parent company have issued a profit warning www.greatharvestmg.com.hk/pdf/en/e_A120990.pdf

If we can get rid of GH, this is a great prospect, but as long as they are running the show, have troubles of their own and are clinging to the future hopes of ADEX to bail out the parent company, it is hard to see how we can move forward.