I don't agree. Below the 10 cent mark financing is almost a death sentence of dilution for current shareholders so barring we find Jesus on Mt. Pleasant this is going to be very difficult. Second, when the former shareholders sold out to GH there were many companies who were using laddered financing and were able to articulate and sell their 43-101 assets. This story should have been a no brainer. Are you telling me the former management had so little contacts they could not talk about this major in ground asset rate next to the capital?? Dont think I will hold my tongue on that.

Finally how does trash talking help the value of my shares? Well firstly it makes me feel better because everyone seems to be still in some trance believing that this 3.5 cent stock will magically jump 600% even after its already fired all its big guns. So they need 50m in financing at .035 cents a share on a convertible note. Hmmmm thats what...another 150m shares. Wow I am so excited.

Trust me when I tell you there is no chance that I would invest or tell anyone to invest one dollar into this company until they show me what magic lamp they intend to rub to make this nightmare of a devaluation go away.