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Adex Mining Inc V.ADE

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Adex Mining Inc is engaged in the exploration and development of mineral resource properties in Canada.
Price: $0.02 | Change: +$0.005 | %Change: +33.33%
Volume: 5,000 | Day High/Low: 0.02/0.015 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.05/0.015

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RE:RE:Change in development strategy in new PowerPoint

Complete silence from grateful shareholders...wich means bend over and take it as a man...  rate and reply
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RE:Change in development strategy in new PowerPoint

Is there any legal way to make them accountable for constantly misleading shareholders? My understanding is that they keep collecting their pay cheque every month without delay and as a shareholder I...read more
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Change in development strategy in new PowerPoint

Now they are talking about developing both zones at once. See newest powerpoint. http://www.adexmining.com/fileupload/pdf/2014-04-21_Adex_PowerPoint_Presentation_final.pdf This is virtually certian...read more
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Pre-feasibility report delayed again to third quarter

The PowerPoint has been updated and the pre-feasibility has been pushed back to the third quarter. http://www.adexmining.com/fileupload/pdf/2014-04-21_Adex_PowerPoint_Presentation_final.pdf Can we...read more
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Check out their Mount Pleasent Property

The Mount Pleasant property lies in the McDougall Lake map area of Charlotte County, southwestern New Brunswick, Canada. Adex retains 102 contiguous mineral claims over 1,600 hectares in the Mount...read more
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RE:we have a pulse

Buahh, that's 3250.- CAD! If he is investing such a massive sum, something big is coming   :-( Sad Joke  rate and reply
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we have a pulse

Mar 14/14 Burton, William B.  Direct Ownership Acquisition in the public market  130,000 @ .025 let's hope it's the start of something...I suppose that means the pre-feas comes a month after April...read more
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Key phrase: "..or soon there after."  rate and reply
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Yup Manned by an office gal, god bless her for standing there. When I told her I was a shareholder, she apologized... LOL I told her it's OK, I bought in low. They may have had qualified folks there...read more
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anyone ?  rate and reply
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Did anybody else notice this ? 5 yr options for directors

THIS IS REDICULOUS !   5 YR options at .10 (possibly reduced to .05) - This gives them 5 yrs to get the price above .10 (or .05)  -  and dilutes the shares 2.7 % if exercised.  Does anyone know if...read more
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RE:In my case...

You are absolutely right.  I don't mind being a guinea pig  rate and reply
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In my case...

I got out a few months ago. A few years back I felt like there was progress, and that things were moving forward. Now, it seems like they are starting over again, and my impression of the situation is...read more
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RE:RE:Good or Bad ???

with the inevitable being.... the existing infrastructure being refurbished and brought back into production....these metals are back! and indium is just getting started. This will be our year...read more
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RE:Good or Bad ???

postponing the inevitable  rate and reply
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GH Loan could be good news

The good news is that it's Great Harvest putting up the money.   It might be an indication that they are committed to finally move this project ahead.  The one year term also sugests that they are...read more
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Good or Bad ???

Is this good or bad ? maybe it's neutral; on one hand they have money to operate their projects, on the other they are going deeper in debt !!!  rate and reply
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Adex Mining Inc. (TSX-V: ADE ) announces that it has...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:Value of indium at Mount Pleasant

The price of the metals that Adex will mine is recovering making the project more viable and investible.  Tungsten, tin, and indium are all metals that shouldl be in demand in the near future.  If...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Value of indium at Mount Pleasant

Its been in feasability studies for the last 6-7 years now.  rate and reply