There are dozens of reasons why one might have to sell.....divorce, death etc......but none why one would have to buy.

Its the fundamentals that counts.

Fabrice  continues to tout this stock as does keystocks.


Fundamentals are stronger than last year.

Recently, ABM  initiatid aggregate delivery from the Logan Aggregate Operation located 160 km south of Fort McMurray. A total of 375,000 tonnes of gravel has been contracted for, with the Corporation responsible for product, processing and delivery. The contract is expected to be completed by the end of March 2013.


This is the third corporate owned pit to be brought into operation since February of 2012, in addition to the Susan Lake Aggregate operation under management.

Astute readers would also notice this statement from the most recent NR....The Corporation's Kearl Aggregate Project is in operation, with aggregate being processed and sold to regional customers. ......


This began in late summer/12  and continues.


The Kearl Aggregate Project is the second corporate owned pit placed into production, accompanying the House River Aggregate Operation which commenced operations in February of 2012.


Contracts have recently been approved and issued  for the Twin Highway project.

House provided aggregate for this project last year at a rate below that just announced for Logan.


Corporate pits are much more profitable than managed pits and ABM now have two corporate pits delivering aggregate vs just one in Q1/12......................and House could yet secure a contract for Q1..