Hello, fellow ABM followers. I am a fairly new investor in ABM. Averaging around 1.70 per share. With the last earnings report we saw a subantial price pop - all the way up to 2.40. I am confident that overall 2012 earnings will be good. This, coupled with the commencement of operations at the Logan pit and hopefully a frac sand announcement, I hope will precipate another good pop (and a selling op) and maybe a settling back into a 2.00 trading range, instead of the 1.50.to 160 we have now. Also, most of the oil price analyst forecasts I have read call for a slightly higher price for oil through 2013, so we can probably take a decline in oil prices out of the overall equation affecting ABM's sp. I guess we can look forward to the earnings report toeards the end of Feb.?

Looking forward to any comments from any board followers