Thanks Jameske.

Here's a link that should work:

They do a pretty good job of updating this analysis frequently. They have the best analysis out there on Abcourt that I have seen.

fbedard29, a poster on this board, has generously shared the jist of his conversation with Mr. Hinse at the latest AGM. In his post of Dec. 7th he wrote:

"Abcourt will start to mine in january 2013 . It plans to get 30,000t  out before sending to an outside mill.

The time frame mentioned is : it will take 6 months to accumulate  30,000t.The reason to get 30,000t before milling is that it takes that much tonnage to be able to adjust the mill for Abcourt rock.

Mr Hinse plans to  process  the 30,000t in month 7(july).

It will take 4 months to get another 30K t that would be processed in month 11(nov).

There is still $4m in the bank. The will try to keep a minimun of $3m in the treasury at all time.

They don't expect to dilute in the future. They hope to be able to borrow from financial institution after they

produce a feasability study.

Most of the money spent now is to provide data available for the feasability  More drilling to get resource above 500,000 oz . get rock for milling to prove recovery."


What this tells me is that we could get a news release from Abcourt very soon that ore is once again being mined. That would hopefully be the trigger to seeing this stock shoot back up to old highs of $1.40 or more.

Another catalyst would be news of financing.