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Abcourt Mines Inc V.ABI

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold

Abcourt Mines Inc. engages in the acquisition and exploration of mining properties in northwestern Quebec, Canada.
Price: $0.065 | Change: $0.00 | % Change: 0.00%
Volume: 104,000 | Day High/Low: 0.07/0.065 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.10/0.055

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Canadian dollar not doing well... an advatange?

Canadian dollar is now Worth about 0.90 USD This will facilitate exports as other countries see transaction with Canada as a "bargain" ... any inputs on how this can affect abi?  rate and reply
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Compare With Other Companies

The following is for comparative purposes only and is not investment advice or an attempt to promote a company. I was doing some DD on various gold companies and came upon APP. This is a small company...read more
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Hinses is doing well?

I would absolutely agree, if he were to become more in tune with his shareholders ( the owners) of this publicly traded mining company. I have in the past mentioned, I know of no other asset publicly...read more
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RE:RE:Email from Mr. Hinse

Renaud is doing very well now with the company all things considered .....Big guys loading up these cheapies ...  rate and reply
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RE:Email from Mr. Hinse

I really hate the stockhouse interface. It gives you the option to put things in bold but then doesn't keep it and changes the formatting. They could at least give an option to see what your post...read more
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Email from Mr. Hinse

I contacted Mr. Hinse about a some things. His response is in boldface: Aurbec mill capacity (could they handle us at full production) Yes, the Aurbec mill could accommodate both Elder and its own...read more
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RE:Kinda makes me wonder why

Nothing, surprises me in reference to OUR company. I would suggest, we are all Gaining information which was not known to the mass of shareholders before....without our collective investigation...read more
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Kinda makes me wonder why

most of the relevant news on ABI is only showing up on one French " only " news paper out of Quebec. Info like ........... Elder mine ( Evain )  has produced 1,436 ounces of Gold from January to March...read more
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Any news

Frankly, I wish to know all and any thread of information regarding this particular stock and management. I believe, the accident is now a factor of the past but insightful. This "small gold mine" is...read more
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RE:Accident at Abcourt mine

motion002 wrote: A serious accident occurred Wednesday morning at the Elder mine, owned by Abcourt mine, located on the way to the church Évain. Emergency services were contacted 15 to 10 am this...read more
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Accident at Abcourt mine

A serious accident occurred Wednesday morning at the Elder mine, owned by Abcourt mine, located on the way to the church Évain. Emergency services were contacted 15 to 10 am this morning.According...read more
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Scotia Capital

Each time the share price starts to rise Scotia Capital takes the momentum out of it. Well done...  rate and reply
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RE:More Digging Required

I too believe we must continue to discover and dig for more information. A point, the company news was in October 23, 2013 the elder mine was to be hopefully in full production in first quarter of...read more
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More Digging Required

When reading Hinse's responses to e-mails one is left with the impression he thinks he is all alone running this company.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  There are 45 employees working at...read more
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RE:RE:Indeed Why on Vendredi ?

Personally i think it is pointless to email him for the time being,  until the final news report we are waiting on full commercial production .  rate and reply
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RE:Indeed Why on Vendredi ?

i personallly(like most of you) have sent an email to mr. hinse recently. as recently as point 5 of half pint's post. and I agree with his synopsis.  what is this man up too? why do we have to biatch...read more
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RE:Indeed Why on Vendredi ?

Maybe one day soon we can laugh to the bank in style  rate and reply
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Indeed Why on Vendredi ?

Let's take a pragmatic view of this situation...... 1) OUR company prouder gold from OUR mine, there was little or no fanfare and no news release 2) WE expect an announcement ,....... and WE get a...read more
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News drives SP

every stock is mainly fueled on news and other important factors, but this release why can it not even shake this stock a little bit? why is it so rock solid  rate and reply
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RE:Why Friday?

Theoldmariner wrote: Frankly any day is a good day to recieve news from this company. In referenece to the content? This stock has such wonderful potential. I can not imagine any other mining...read more