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Abcourt Mines Inc V.ABI

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold

Abcourt Mines Inc engages in the acquisition and exploration of mining properties in northwestern Quebec, Canada.
Price: $0.075 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 175,000 | Day High/Low: 0.075/0.075 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.10/0.055

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RE:Good evening Fernand.

Theoldmariner wrote: I honor you and your post...i sincerely hope your insight is worthy of the  past and present. Sincerely the oldmariner time will convey the truth...i have been here a very long...read more
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Good evening Fernand.

I honor you and your post...i sincerely hope your insight is worthy of the  past and present. Sincerely the oldmariner time will convey the truth...i have been here a very long time.........trust ...I...read more
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I have read in the past from smart investors, that it is always better to buy shares in a compagny that the president acts  like  he is the owner of the compagny. Then all expenses are treated like...read more
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Sad isn't it . One guy here was sailing around places like Aruba while Renaud was scraping bye and scratching up cash to buy some old mining property and equipment in Quebec . Now the oldsailer is...read more
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I appreciate your humoristic response. Poor Hinse! Whatever he  is doing  funding Abcourt with fresh money  or  buying shares on the market  he is criticized.  rate and reply
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Beside buying shares of this company on the  stock market Hinse also brazingly drinks milk in public . How much longer can we stand for this without screaming .  rate and reply
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Sincerely I absolutely concur with the insight that this" business" where the CEO is buying shares at rock bottom price in the frame of reference of past historical price is completely wrong. His...read more
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Previous week Mr. Hinse (Decochib) purchased 130,000 shares. This week he bought every day obtaining 138,000 shares. All were purchased at 0.075. This is how it broke out for this week   DAY ...read more
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No one comments

Very shareholder needs to comment. This stock needs open comments. This stock needs very watchful eyes..and recorded. It is not the asset..it is the very intersting management.. we all need to record...read more
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RE:Current State of Affairs = Part IV

Very Brilliant analysis, logical and clear demonstration, I share your point of view and your comments. there is Only one point I think is wrong : Abcourt should not currently be able to borrow even 1...read more
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RE:RE:Current State of Affairs

Good point - Hinse is buying on the open market, which is a good sign and non-dilutive.  rate and reply
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RE:Current State of Affairs

Excellent post's but we already know the history of the company and that it is run as a private retirement hobby by Renaud . Consequently he wants as much control as he can get but has prudently built...read more
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Current State of Affairs

lccommoner - thanks for the wonderful posts!  Lots of junior are currently depressed, so that partially reflects the low price.  I won't sell here, but I get all the comments and I'm no longer looking...read more
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Current State of Affairs = Part IV

PART IV This is my last point and the crux of these posting. I hope you see my related points. From Part I, Mr. Hinse, Normand Hinse, and Mr. Mestrallet hold over 52M shares fully diluted. Why? Is is...read more
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Current State of Affairs - Part III

PART III To a large extent, life is about human behavior and the study thereof. As I study Mr. Hinse from afar, having never met the man, I can only conclude: a) he has a very controlling personality,...read more
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Current State of Affairs = Part II

PART II Decochib Inc. (Hinse), Renaud Hinse, Normand Hinse & Mestrallet (Companies) now control 52,788,722 shares (fully diluted) out of a total fully diluted share count of 217,399,919 (best I can...read more
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Current State of Affairs - Part I

PART I  Regarding the recent news release, I am somewhat surprised at the sentiment. Up until a few months ago, I was trying to hold positive. I have now turned negative. The body of evidence has...read more
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brownbear2 and ABI Positives

I said I would try to post some positives regarding ABI. Unfortunately, in my thinking, this is becoming harder. Some general, overall positives are: 1. Thus far, gold has failed to tank toward $1000...read more
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Atleast the hinse family took the shares and not some other finacial institution  rate and reply
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Jul 15/14 Jul 14/14 Mestrallet, Francois Joseph Pierre Marie Indirect Ownership Warrants 11 - Acquisition carried out privately 2,000,000 $0.100 Jul 15/14 Jul 14/14 Mestrallet, Francois...read more