It should get interesting in the next little while as Rio's Walsh is taking a much more direct approach than Albanese seemed to be. He is basicly telling the GOM that they either come to an acceptable sollution or Rio shuts TRQ down till they do and he is also telling them that the sollution will not include a lot of change on TRQ's or Rio's part. IMO - It is the only way to deal with the situation as to try any other way means that every "Chengis want to be Mongolian politician" that comes along would be knocking at the door trying to shake Rio and TRQ  down for more. The only positve for us that comes from the GOM is that they to are minority shareholders and will be pushing for dividends and watching how Rio deals with the huge cashflow that OT will produce. As i have said before, it is in Rio's best interest to maximize fees and other cash payments that goes directly to Rio as they get 100% of those and only 51% of what comes out as profit.