Yup.  Rio Tinto, Turquoise Hill and their many Mongolian employees and partners in OTLLC actually engaged in making OT a reality sound like reasonable, dependable, credit-worthy businesspeople with a plan.

So glad to see a plain, fact-filled, quiet and damning response to the emotional outbursts out of grandstanding politicians - and from OTLLC which represents both the active Mongolian partners and the foreign investors.  A unified front.  In particular we have never heard a complaint or criticism from any of the Erdenes appointees to the OTLLC Board of Directors or senior management group - those best placed to know what the rights and obligations of the Company are have not been complaining.

The Mongolian government and press, NGO's and other complainers and whiners sound ill-informed, emotional, confused and generally unreliable if not downright untrustworthy.  There is a complete lack of credibility in their complaints.  Just like all the lies and misinformation that had been spread about in the world press about the water issues by people with agendas of their own.

The amount of lies and false information concerning OT spread about like manure on a pasture makes you wonder if there are a number of people in Mongolia who perversely don't want OT to be the resounding success and benefit to the people of Mongolia it is almost certain to do.

I agree with Aldarion8484's comment - the arrogance and lack of humility for all the expertise and risk capital flowing into Mongolia from so many politicians is truly stunning.  If some of the politicians making these outrageous complaints and demands understood how deeply stupid, ill-mannered and out of touch with the world they are making themselves appear, you think they might feel ashamed.  But shameless doesn't seem to be in their character or vocabulary, along with "thank you", "sorry", or "we were mistaken".  And I hasten to add, there are some Mongolians who have not joined in the abuse, have actually negotiated in good faith, have been reliable partners and supporters.  But the bad ones are really poor representatives of their people indeed.  They taint the reputation of the whole country which is a shame because by all accounts many Mongolains are people of fine character.

There is no reason to change any aspect of the IA and OT ownership structure.  There is no apparent substance to any of the complaints we have heard from the President except how they affect politics within Mongolia and his attempt to create problems where none exist.  Disgusting IMHO.

Bah!  Buy TRQ while it is being given away so cheaply and be thankful for the opportunity I guess.