Takeaway # 3: In my first piece on TRQ I wrote that its story is like a postmodern novel being written by several characters with limited interest in closure. The logic in the case, the richness of Oyyu Tolgoi is the center of attraction but peripheral matters determine the status of the core. As a reader wrote, Mongolia needs Oyu Tolgoi, TRQ exists for it, RIO and China need it and Mr. Friedland has much invested in it. But as I also noted, there is a giant gap between reason and reality for evidence of which compare U.S. and European stock markets to their respective nations' economies. For now, if you want to share in Oyu Tolgoi you buy TRQ and keep alert for stormy weather. The mine itself should produce long term and sustainable gains. Just be ready to exit most of your position and re-enter when calm returns. Vigilance is urged. Buy below $7.50 and monitor the situation carefully.