I think its a mistake to think its all because of elections and propaganda.  I looks to me like these people don't know what they are doing, but are quite serious in their views. 

The thing that gets me is their arrogance.  Mongolia has been a backwater off the world's radar screen for hundreds of years.  Moreover, they have been living in the Gobi for thousands upon thousands of years and not only did they not develop the resources -- they didn't even know they were there!  Along comes BHP, RF and some others, and lo and behold, Mongolia is on the map! Foreigners actually care about it! Knowing full well they don't have money, mining expertise, large-scale construction expertise, infrastructure, industrial supplies, etc.  the Mongolians smiled and said, come on in.  Now, after years of effort, enormous sums of money spent, they get all tough and accuse RIO et al. of mismanagement and lack of transparency.  WHAT A JOKE.  Some humility is in order.  How bout a thank you very much RIO for investing time and energy in our country.