People all over the world act in their percieved self-interest.  Don't forget there is a political base in Mongolia of old-time Soviet style local bosses.  For them, modernization, prosperity, economic revolutions etc.,. may be a frightening proposition because they aren't equipped to operate in such a world.  They would rather things stay much as they are, the men hitting the vodka hard, people tied to small handouts and their little power plays.

Corrupt politicians protecting little franchises, big party bosses protecting big franchises, with some moderates and progressives trying on behalf on the new generation to get in step with a more prosperous global economy.  The Enhkbayar trial was at least a message it won't be business as usual.  The IA negotiation, signing and approval was a big deal (and the Mongolains had access to every expert they wanted over years so this "we didn't understand" is BS), a leap of faith if you will, and again it was the progressive moderates who pushed for it, obviously supported by some of the bigger oligarchs from UB who no question see opportunity knocking.

I agree with you Rocck - a cash squeeze is a well-earned lesson here for a bunch of foolish politicians (not all, some of them).  Teach them to start to walk the walk before talking the talk.

In the meantime we can all feel sorry for the regular people on the street in Mongolia who are being denied a better way of life through all this political nonsense and delay.  That translates into simple things like better health, housing, food, education, some material comforts ... a brighter future for them and their kids.  Like you I'm pulling for the Mongolians to have it work out for the best, they are going to enjoy years of cashflow from OT that can kick-start the rest of their economy, TT, infrastructure, other projects.