Well - Walsh has the balls Albanese did not have and none of the baggage that Albanase had.  I suspect that he is going to do what ever it takes to get the IA issue sorted out once and for all and for good. TRQ and TINTO just can not go on with the current situation where every time a new set of DONKS get elected the GOM thinks that they can milk more money from Tinto and TRQ. The GOM was obviously talking out of both sides of their mouths - making positive public statments while saying something else to Tinto privately. So far the DONKS have accomplished the following:

1) Shut down the minimal mining that was happening at Tavan Tolgoi.

2) Shut down mining at South Gobi.

3) Made it impossible for Mongolia to issue any more bonds on world markets.

4) Chased most foriegn investors to the sidelines drasticly reducing investments in Mongolia.

5) They are on the edge of shutting down development at OT - buy far the biggest project and source of income in all of Mongolia.

They have P-d off just abount anybody trying to do business with them!

What they have coming in for tax revenue has to be drastically reduced and will be reduced further going forward. This has also got to be affecting a large number of people as no work means that they gety layed of from mines, supliers and service providers. Tinto has huge earnings outside of Mongolia, an Iron clad contract with respect to the OT development and can afford to wait till the GOM wakes up. For Tinto to consider such a move, they were obviously getting nowhere with the GOM!

Looks like the line in the sand is now drawn!!!