I agree its good and bad. To me it can prevent anther company from coming in and making an offer. Maybe they dont want to get into a bidding war or are worried PBN will make it difficult. They are buying the shares in the open market so it hasnt driven the price up or created any extra value to current shareholders of Trioil. 

It does benefit TOL also a far bit, PBN will drill up some land faster, proving out what is there ... or not. So in that sense, its a low risk option for TOL to gain production, find out more about the potential resource along TOL being able to focus more on the Dunvegian land.  

What if all this doesnt work out the way PBN had hoped and dumps all there shares? Creates some serious downwards pressure on the share price. With 17% they also have allot of sway with TOL management.. 

Ill continue to hold my shares but id rather a take out over this power play and defensive Position PBN has taken. I think we will not see allot of movement in the share price till more is known later in the year...