re: correlation - if you read that article i posted a few days ago, Sinopec made a few comments re: Talisman saying that they wouldn't like go for a full blown takeover (they have been named as a potential suitor)

"Currently we just have good will, we don't have specific areas" of possible new ties, he said, ruling out the possibility of a full acquisition of Talisman by Sinopec. Chairman Fu Chengyu says China's Sinopec prefers foreign oil partnerships to full takeovers.

Indeed, Mr. Fu insisted that Sinopec's expansion strategy doesn't contemplate takeovers of Western companies but partnerships such as the one with Talisman instead. The strategy contrasts with that of another large, state-controlled Chinese oil company, CNOOC"

"Takeover speculation has swirled around Talisman since the Calgary-based oil-and-gas producer's CEO stepped down in September and was replaced with current chief Hal Kvisle. Sinopec has been mentioned by some analysts as a potential buyer of the company, which has a market value of $11.5 billion.

Mr. Fu didn't rule out being involved in a takeover of Talisman at some point, saying "if they want to sell, I think there's a lot of people who want to buy. We might join them, but we would not just buy it ourselves." He added that Talisman isn't currently looking for a buyer. A spokeswoman for Talisman didn't return a call."