dear old bradford, do you know much about our canadian banking system? bigger and tighter than a colombian drug cartel, and for good reason. we wouldn't want an imbicile like tellier managing our country's finances to the brink of a fiscal cliff like they do stateside lol. the dirty game that tellier is playing will unfortunately end badly for him because he picked the wrong battle to fight. our legal system is also aligned to the banks' interests and i'm confident that a company like yellow will be forced to return all $369 million back to the banks by feb 1 should this be left to drag on till then. after all, they're clearly not using the money for any purposes related to managing the corporation, so the nature of their business has substantially changed as of late. they can most certainly apply for ccaa after that date should they be able to prove insolvency with approx. $600 million due in 2013 ($255m to mtn's, $200m to pref a's, $150m to mr. taxman). i'm still holding until this gets resolved just for kicks at this point, but will be part of any lawsuits that may be forthcoming as a result of damages.