Welcome to the board, rudedude. 


The prospectus is unclear about whether we can force YLO to buy back our shares on Dec 31 with 30 days notice (given on Dec 1) or whether we can first give notice on Dec 31 forcing YLO to buy back our shares 30 days later.


The CBCA Certificate of Arrangement posted by DrillingHere resolves the ambiguity. it is now 100% clear we had the right starting Dec 1 to give 30 days notice that we demand our $25 payment on Dec 31.


Under ordinary circumstances, YLO would have told us how to give notice. YLO apparently isn't accepting notice right now because of the CBCA stay. It seems to me that their Plan B if the current CBCA deal is rejected is to immediately go before a judge with a CCAA application.


I am intrigued that YLO's treasurer says that this question has been discussed with lawyers. I'd love to hear what the lawyers said!