you know, for once i agree with chuck. it's quite a painful lesson to sit through a financial loss for 2+ years, but what's really appalling is to watch ceo's like tellier get away with it. i can hardly believe he was once a top 40 under 40, but he clearly lost some serious credibility and respect in the market and that is a career-ending move for any ceo. he does not have what it takes to navigate rough waters, and that is how you measure a ceo's true worth and value to an organization, especially one that is public. i suppose he created the ripples for them in the first place many years ago and kudos to chuck who had the foresight to see that yellow would end up where it is today. on the other hand, maybe tellier served his purpose.....who knows who his puppet masters are and what they plan for yellow in the new world of digital marketing & advertising? i feel sorry for the 240,000 customers who had to endure this drama as well.

as investors, we have 6 more days to endure this sorry tale and witness its ultimate conclusion. at the bod meeting that is certain to occur this week, one of the agenda items ought to be what to do with tellier. his track record and results ought to speak for themselves.