i am thinking its too bad that most of you guys posting could not be on the bod....its times like this that the greedy ceo like tellier go out the back door with a whack of money.....i very very impressed with the dd on the board by most of you....but i never seen a company financed with such multiple tier of shares....and how dumb tellier was not realizing his directory busness was collapsing in last five years and continued to waste shareholders money....but good for yober, double...re38, birdie, derek, phoenix and others.....for you to painfully sit through this must be awful....and you continue to for the most part keep your chins up.....when i think of ad stocks that collapsed i think of canwest but that was because they overpaid for alliance and hit a recession.....tellier had years when their was no recession but he mishandled the cash and created more piled on debt with for ad acquistions with no synergy to help the bottom line.....i must admit that most of you guys didnt deserve this and i have learned lots lately from your posts