I am in the vast, vast minority who thinks there is no shakedown nor is there any other sort of mass conspiracy. Just a desperate man like Tellier who finally saw the coming liquidity issue when the stock was already punished and the MTN who saw this as the best way to recover their money. Tellier's not smart enough to lead a conspiracy nor is he smart enough to find a better deal for YPG than this.


Certain individuals on this board think the MTN are out to "steal" the company at the expense of all other stakeholders. I don't see it that way. They are trying to maximize their value and as a residual effect, the value will be maximized for everyone else. Not for old shareholders, but really they should have seen the writing on the wall a long time ago. 


The only thing that really stinks about this is the extremely high fees related to everything and the thought of the management team getting stock options post split. The only way I find the leadership deserving of stock options is if the entire team is let go and new people run the ship.