I don't scrutinize finances? Maybe you don't scrutinize not being smart cuz you're comments don't make sense

Are you a bozo When GM had -100 billion of tangible equity they still had money to pay someone out. It doesn't work like that. Simply having money doesn't mean a company isnt bankrupt

Bankruptcy is what Yellow is in because it knows it can't make a combo of intrest payments / principal payments going forward. Instead of calling this a recap its a bankruptcy by another name.

I have been involved in bankrupcy's before. Since YLO has value I invested in the prefs recently. This isn't turning out to be a nightmare financially its turning out to be a nightmare because I am not being given any new information by the company.

Finally you're a bozo to think that you will be paid 100 cents or 50 cents on the dollar. YLO is in creditor hands now. Why we don't deserve to be wiped out. 100% on the dollar is certainly not in the cards.