Do you know that Pascua Lama has less gold/silver/copper that Exeter?

Barick is the main reason why gold stocks are doing so badly although Kinross is following a very close second for absolutly no cost analisis/projection/proforma/budget controls. They bought/ financed/ built projects like spoilt children with no concern for costs because they though the price of gold would continue anabated to 3,000 and everyone else is paying the price.

Why would anyone think that a mine on the boarder of 2 countries underneath a glacier would be a good idea Pascua Lama is going to cost twice as much as Exeter and it has 2 miilion less gold equivalent and right now is halted . Its going to end up costing 8-10 billion and it was projected to cost no more than 3

Idiots They have damaged the gold miners way more than the price of gold and Kinross is no better