Wow I'm sorry that you are so down on gold & XRC.  Check out King World News to get your gold & silver market related information.  Stop listening to the pundits on TV, they were never right in the past and they won't get it right going forward.  Eric King just put out a technical chart that lifts silver to $125 & gold to $3,200+, which starts in mid 2013. 

I'm not worried about the price of gold because as soon as we have liftoff those majors will get the spending urge back.  I wouldn't doubt they pay even higher then $45 per oz once gold is above $2,000 per oz. 

QE to infinity... government spending out of control globally... more inflation...

We are seeing higher costs and inflation right here in the mines we speak of everyday (Cerro Casale).  The world is not using less copper and silver, and gold is in tremendous demand right now.  And we have our major mining companies cutting development of large mines, which are needed to keep up with demand.  Developing these little puny 2M oz mines because they are a couple hundred million to build is not going to cut it.  No new mines, means higher prices and new NPV values for juniors, which will bring us the buyout we want.  In the end, we will win.