My dear Saskcl- I don't think your reading is up to par. I never claimed that Wpx was mentioned by name in the article, but the article clearly states that krn has a better chance than it rival $3B+(try $4b+) mines to get into production, and Wpx is one of those rivals, correct?
"Karnalyte, based in Okotoks, Alta., has always had a better shot than its rivals at building a greenfield potash mine because its capital requirements are manageable. While many Saskatchewan potash mines cost US$3-billion or more, Karnalyte needs just $626-million to get to first production and about $2-billion to reach full production. The mine is expected to churn out 625,000 tonnes a year in its first phase and eventually ramp up to 2.125 million tonnes."
"Karnalyte Resources Inc. announced Friday that it has engaged BNP Paribas and Natixis to underwrite a secured US$300-million debt facility for its Wynyard project in eastern Saskatchewan. It took about eight months to put the deal together, and a definitive term sheet and commitments are already being contemplated."
The banks have conducted detailed engineering on the project over the last year and they know that Karnalyte's water supply is prolific. I know you don't like the fact that Krn has abundant free water, and that is because you are conditioned to believe that the only options are to spend 100's of millions of dollars on treated poop water.