haha!  the problem is you recomended yourself to buy it at $1.80 almost 2 years ago!  nice try though.  lol

Great results yesterday - Congratulations to ESN M
11/10/2011 10:20:03 AM  |  | 334 reads  | Post #30364050
ESN is the kind of company a lot of people will say " I wish I knew about them when they were $2.00 a share."  They have excellent revenue growth, solid profit margins, they keep their spending in check, and in my opinion management looks to executing well on a very strategic growth plan.  I bought my first 10,000 shares a couple days ago and I really think I will still own this stock years from now when it is a big player in the oil and gas service biz or is part of a bigger company because they will be acquired if they keep up this pace.  The price of oil is up again today and heading towards high $90s again and that means more drilling and exploration, meaning higher demand for ESN service and that, as we know, is great news for us :)     I don't have any affiliation with the company except as an independent investor who does a lot of research before buying a stock.