So the report that Wpx pays for is the right one, and the reports by BMO and Salman are wrong and not to be trusted because they like KRN?
BMO, to my knowledge is not a shareholder of Krn, but does provide investment banking services.
Salman to my knowledge has no connection to Krn.
I would direct your attention to page 8 of the BMO report on Wpx  below.
Its interesting to note that BMO has the exact same MARKET PERFORM/hold rating which it has on WPX as it does on 44% of the companies it covers that use BMO for investment banking services.
Strange really.
Because if they were as biased as some of the posters here say they are, why don't they have "SCREAMING BUY" recommendations on all their clients?
Why rate any companies as a sell or a hold? Just rate them all as a BUY.
The Securities regulator insists that Chinese Walls be in place between the investment banking portion of the business and the analyst side. This means that then analyst can not speak or share information about the company that a report is being written about if the company in question uses the bank or brokerage house for investment banking services.
Large banks will often have their analysts in different buildings or parts of the city to ensure strict compliance with the securities regulators.
So the majority of the reports on Wpx by independent brokerage houses see large problems with Wpx moving forward with the mine, but we shouldn't  pay any attention to them because we should only trust the brokerage houses that receive a large cheque in the mail from Western Potash's management?