smartinvest78, although I agree CNOOC has the means...there is no clause (revealed)  identifying this is part of the agreement. You could be correct but this is highly specualtive at this point. The issue here is China Blue can appear to be intereted in purchasing WPX to Canpotex as leverage to obtain a cheaper price for the years going forward. They can afford to wait and pick up WPX at a later date for less than the $0.71/share invested. They have the means as you say to buy WPX outright/build the mine/ or wait it out and use the leverage to push current prices down. This will take a long long long time unless WPX has another ace up their sleeve which I dont think they do. I am very very apprehansive regarding the latest news release and the obvious leaking going on. At the same time you basically have Costigan saying "it wasnt us ..must have been them" pointing your finger at your chinese partner isnt exactly going to gain any suport form them. 

Business is business.... I was optomistic and still am but if we dont get another deal released soon the share price will dwindle into oblivion and this thing will get played up and down as a penny should. I'm in till the next pop because I actually believed this to be bricks and mortar...too bad its 2km deep in the ground.

GLTA...we are going to need it!