Mat, yes Canpotex never blinked. I concede and agree that something is afoot regarding Canpotex..mainly their focus will be on the opposing shoe. I believe they are well aware their monopoly is dissolving and can only speculate on their strategy. 

IMHO...  they will go after India now. Further, Brazil and Africa (the latter being the largest user of POTASH ever) will be Canpotex's focus. this doesnt bother me in the least as China will be able to take all of WPX production if they want to. In the mean time...I am certain we will have other sutiors/joint venture partners in the near term. Although India and China arent the best of friends moneys talks and with China going is first there is no loss of face. India is "business first" and they are a wise and respected strategic country.

GLTA....although you wont need it if you have purchase WPX prior to June 1st 2013.