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sorry to burst your bubble thairat, but this is paid advertising by WPX .
based on the share price going up, There may be some good news coming for Wpx but I will need to see some independent analysis before and not this paid fluff.
I have to challenge John Costigans statement that they are the "most advanced junior potash company" in Sask.
if you drive by the milestone project right now, all you will see is fields that are being planted by farmers for crops .
if you drive past wynard Saskatchewan, you will see large machinery that has cleared most of the ground for the plant site and you will also specialized drilling operators that have drilled several water wells and a deep disposal well to avoid tailings.
Would love the opportunity to debate this fact with john and to also ask him why he publicly compared the build cost of the legacy mine($4.1 Billion) as identical to  the cost to build milestone.
I would ask john, why is there no equipment clearing the land of in preparation for wpx's solution mining plant or for their water pumping station.
although I do agree with his statement of "nobody's quite where we are". As in, no other sask junior is down to their last few hundred thousand dollars in cash.