The increaced CAPEX of the legacy mine is a big negative, I followed the potash one story which had a pre-feas at 1.8 bil, feas at 2.8 bil, K+S re-fease #1 at 3.25 bil, and now #2 at 4.1 bil.  According to potash corp the cost of a greenfield like this one is 4 bil for the mine, and 2 bil in infrastructure.  I fully expect further cost increaces in the future eventually reaching the potash corp estimate.  The other troubling thing for me is that the legacy progect didn't have any significant increaces in OPEX despite having an additional 2.5 billion in CAPEX, come on! Mosaic's cost of sales is around 250$, all that expensive equipment being added must not require maintenance or anything like that.  I expect the final OPEX to be just like Mosaic's.  Since the Milestone and legacy projects are just clones of eachother this does not bode well for western.  Anyway I'm out of this one, good luck and I hope that it all works out.