Dualling analyst, always right until they are wrong. Take your pick. I found Feasibility Study Shows Attractive Economics by Siddharth Rahjeev  reinforced/clarified my own take on WPX. Regardless, this is considered a very high risk stock. Hopefully, no one is investing their lunch money. 


It is extremely presumptuous of Cacheltin to pretend to be saving others from themselves. More like attempting to steer new eyes on this bullboard towards driving up KRN. Paid pumper or pump for fun… who knows?


My view, nothing significant will happen until financial partner is announced. WPX is in a negative bubble; maybe small bump at EIS but nothing until much later in the year. Why sweat the small changes? There is only one change that will make any difference and that will take some patience. Buy low…


From January but still relevant:


Western Potash Corp. Feasibility Study Shows Attractive Economics