i agree with you, so even if we add the $10 to make it a $20 difference. Instead of being 40 years its now 20 year. But even at $20 to be putting tailings back in the ground. I think its a better approach. If you have lived in Canada you know whenever the gov't can tax you on something...they will. So will the Enviromental tax be more than $20 a tonne?

True Saskatoon is 200km but do they have to build a new compressor and 200km of gas line, glad thats not my problem. So going right off the feasibility its $20 difference. Both have to be +-15% accurate. Even thou thats still a rough number. Its all we really have to go off of.

I was reading the AAA.corparate presentation January 2013 check it out

I dont know why there so happy with there plant, check out page 18. I guess thats Allana interpretation of what a mine looks like...lol. Im going to blame the english/ethiopian language barrier.

As if they want $600 million for that.